June 18, 2013

Orcas in Vancouver

On June 14 I didn't have to go far to find orcas.  Transients came into English Bay and then proceeded under Lions Gate Bridge and continued past Stanley Park into Burrard Inlet.  They turned around at the Main Street Docks just East of Canada Place before heading back out the way they came before crossing English Bay towards Spanish Banks and Point Grey.  It looked like they were doing some hunting under the bridge and at Spanish Banks too.  On the hydrophone we were able to pick up some vocalizations which was a nice surprise.  Here is one of them against the back drop of West Vancouver.
I shot some video which made it on the CBC National News.  The clip below is much better than their raw, unstabalized, it airs in onr hour cut.  Geordie edited it very nicely.  I hope by the end of the fall we can put another clip together.  If you are interested in whale watching I work at Wild Whales in Vancouver and there are lots of trips going out.
As always with embedded video, if you have trouble playing it, just right click and choose "Watch on Vimeo HD" to let it open in another tab. I find our various flash/ad blockers sometimes stop video from playing otherwise. -G

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