April 18, 2012

Sooke on Horseback

 I love to ride. And Geordie has been accommodating enough to ride with me even though he learns on the trail and I have rather more experience then him. Nevertheless we had a completely lovely ride with Joyce at Driftwood Stables in the Sooke environs. She clearly loves her horses and knows what she is doing. I rode Drifter, a Cleveland Bay/Arab cross. Geordie rode a Tennessee Walker named Snow which is a perfect ride for him because of the smooth gait. Here is me being unphotogenic with Drifter (who is very snuggly and pretty). I had the opportunity to ride an Australian saddle which was new to me. I think I did alright but it took a moment to remember my English riding lessons as I am more used to Western. I need to get more comfortable at a canter English style. So much easier Western. My thighs felt the posting the next day!
 The stables itself was between the beach and hills giving us an opportunity to ride along the beach and then up behind in private land that had been groomed for deer. There is even a pictograph across the road but on private land as well. Geordie got the chance to learn how to do a bit of grooming hence why the horses are so shiny!
Cammy is a rescue horse who couldn't properly stretch and groom herself. Here she is showing how much she can be flexible with the bribery of a carrot snack. The little patches on her coat are from a vitamin deficiency but no worries as she is on a special diet and is getting nice and plump.

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