October 15, 2011

Forgetting anything?

Since we were spending over a month away this summer in Piedmont/Quebec City/Ottawa we had to pack quite a few things and started on it early to be sure we didn't get halfway to the airport and then realize we didn't pack any pants. The downside of starting early is that you are essentially building a box full of soft things for any domesticated mooches in your home.
 I came home from work a few days before we set out to find Kathryn in tears because Kodiak had arranged himself in the luggage. If you're willing to anthropomorphize your pets a little bit then you start thinking that maybe they understand you're leaving and want to be sure that they are prepared too. I personally believe he was just finding a new cozy spot, but its entirely possible that he's an even more manipulative git then I would give him credit for.
 Regardless of his motives and our abandoning him, he's always very affectionate for the few days after we get back from any adventure and is very good about forgiving us for leaving him and making friends again.
Hopefully he doesn't catch wind of our next trip TOO early ;)

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  1. Are you sure he wasn't just looking for a new litter box?