May 23, 2011

The Thingbeard

I spent the winter and unusally cold spring working on vfx for The Thing and as OT wore on and the weather stayed bleak and grey, I decided to try and develop a beard worthy to take on The Thing itself. See file photo below.
And he was bronze- his great red-bronze beard, the heavy hair that matched it. The gnarled, corded hands gripping, relaxing, gripping and relaxing on the table planks were bronze. Even the deep-sunken eyes beneath heavy brows were bronzed. - description of Macready from the original story text.Clearly I had some difficulty with bronzed and heavy-haired bit, but vfx breeds nothing if not 'gnarled' and 'deep-sunken.' Then I read the text a bit further and found the resemblance went just as far for the creature: ...from a face ringed with writhing, loathsome nest of worms, blue, mobile worms that crawled where hair should grow-So today in preparation for a new job and the start of spring, the whole beast was shorn off, leaving only a few photos (the one above will likely be the cover of my acoustic guitar album should vfx fall through financially) and a tale or winter horror.
But in memory of the great facial hair of yesterday, you should check out this link and vote for your favorite :P

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