March 25, 2011

Tidal Feeders

I have been somewhat wedged in the Overtime Machine and not had as much spare time for adventures and updates as I would like lately. All the same, last Sunday we had the great fortune to combine a day off with a sunny afternoon and took a nice long walk. The tide happened to be out and the tidal rocks along the sea wall were exposed with a selection of birds on them. This double-crested cormorant was rather shy, but big enough to get nice pictures of from a distance.
This little flock of Sanderlings were too busy foraging for their lunch in the surf to even bother with me and I could get quite close to them before they spooked.
We've seen Black Oystercatchers near us on the rocks several times before, but they have typically been quite far away and skittish. Since we were quite far from the crowds and being good we could get reasonably close to a group of half a dozen, but even when they were resting they always had an eye on me.
This was also one of my first chances to test out my new telephoto lens and I'm very pleased with how its been working out. Wish I'd had it in Africa but Kathryn will almost certainly let me take us back there before too long to test it out.

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