January 16, 2011

Flashbacks Intro

So to spare our few brave readers the next 9 months of duck photos before we get on a new adventure, I thought we'd share some old pictures from before we started this blog and some of our trips and travels prior to our move.

Our first adventure together was a long-weekend camping trip to Kenora in 2006. Just the two of us for a few days out relaxing and seeing if we could put up with each other for extended stretches. Turns out we both liked it quite a bit and a trend was started.
The following year we took a summer expedition to Europe, starting in England and working our way through the former western block before ending in Istanbul. Kathryn was supposed to go on to Israel for summer work, but there was exceptional conflict in the area that year and her funding was pulled. Since we had gotten engaged a few weeks earlier we were quite happy to return home together and not have several months apart at all. Below is the pair of us seconds after our engagement in the tower at Dunstanborough Castle.
And the following year we had our honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera of Mexico. The picture below was taken at our resort before we went riding around on a tandem bicycle.

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